WebSite Analyzer

Analyze files on your web site.

With WebSite Analyzer by JeffProd, you can analyze files on your web site.

How does it works ?

Enter your web site URL into the software and it will follow links in the web pages to create a spreadsheet (images, scripts, web pages, css...).

What is it for ?

This tool can help to show broken links (404 errors), or any other kind of trouble. See the list of HTTP codes.


The tool is a JAVA application, so it is cross-platform. You will only need the JRE.


The software is FREEWARE. No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied. You use it at your own risk. The author will not be liable for any kind of loss while using or misusing this software.


Download WebSite Analyzer


WebSite Analyzer
Enter the URL to analyze.
To follow links to images, scripts Javascript, css, or anything else, check the needed boxes.
Then click on the button ANALYSE.

Data display

WebSite Analyzer
The software presents a table view :

  • URL : the internet page analysed
  • Response : the HTTP code returned ("Not found" will indicate a 404 error)
  • Parent : The page in wich the URL was found.
  • Type : The file type : text, image, javascript, css...
Click on the header columns to sort the table.

Data analysis

WebSite Analyzer
A right click on a row will open a contextual menu :

  • Open URL : to open the page in your browser
  • Open parent URL : to open the parent page in your browser
  • Copy URL : to copy the URL into the clipboard
  • Copy parent URL : to copy the parent URL into the clipboard
  • Copy URL source code : to copy the URL source code into the clipbooard (for type text only)
  • Copy URL children links : to copy into the clipboard all the links from the parent page