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3D chess game
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WJChess 3D v1.3.1

  • Deutsch language added
  • Bug fixed on castle rights when importing or creating a position

WJChess 3D v1.3

  • Material on 3D chess pieces : marble, wood, stone...
  • New 3D chess pieces (total : 10)
  • New chess boards (total : 8)
  • Rotate the chess board by clicking on the mouse wheel (and keyboard narrows too)
  • Best reading for notifications

WJChess 3D v1.2

  • human vs human mode added
  • Engine strengh updated : you can select level easy, medium, hard and advanced
  • Design updated : pieces reflection on board
  • You can now zoom with the mouse wheel (A and Z keys too)
  • Sounds updated

WJChess 3D v1.1.1

  • Board rotation speed updated
  • Quit confirmation removed

WJChess 3D v1.1

  • Added : Five 3D chess models, you now can choose 6 styles of chess pieces
  • Added : Set up position mode
  • Added : Save and Load a position

WJChess 3D v1.0

  • First release, including the engine v1.52

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